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Since 1998 it has been the mission of Casa da América Latina to strengthen the bonds between Portugal and Latin America, through the promotion of initiatives that stimulate knowledge and cooperation within Culture, Science, Economy and Politics.


Porto is where it all begins. Having assumed a strong cultural policy, Porto’s Council of Culture has been promoting top-notch events and bringing back to life several key venues, contributing to establish Porto as one of Europe’s finest cultural destinations.


Founded in 1989, the ESAD College of Art and Design has proven itself to be a reference in quality teaching, research and related activities in the field of art and design, frequently promoting and participating in key projects and events.



Fugas-Público partners logo

Around since 2000, Fugas is the travel magazine that comes every saturday with the newspaper Público. Fugas’ website hosts a blog for invited travellers — Correr o Mundo — where you can find the portuguese versions of the Sound Escapes articles.

Canal 180 - partner logo

Canal180 is the first Portuguese Open Source TV channel entirely dedicated to culture, arts and creativity. Broadcasting innovative content, created by a new generation of artists, the channel also exclusively produces and curates projects from around the world.

Viral Agenda partners logo

Internationally awarded, Viral is a web platform specialised in events. Currently the most complete, up-to-date and organised events guide in Portugal, it’s one of the projects I’m more proud of having co-founded. Coming soon in a city near you!

Rádio Manobras partners logo

Rádio Manobras scavenges the city looking for sounds and words yet to be discovered: a broadcast space dedicate to the diverse, the hidden, the fertile city. Based in Porto, it’s nevertheless open to all cities, choosing to inhabit the ethereal realm of Internet.

Residencia Gorila partners logo

Residencia Gorila is a creative space based in Tulum Mexico that hosts multidisciplinary artists from around the globe. With an environmental and social focus, Gorila produces and collaborates with all kinds of projects with a message worth spreading.



Marianne Todd - collab logo

Marianne Todd is the woman behind the English revision of the Sound Escapes articles. Her stubbornness is only matched by her creative, accurate and trustworthy translation skills. We hope to see some of her own writing going online soon.

Alejandro Canela collab logo

Alejandro Canela is an extremely talented young Mexican illustrator. He was in residence at Residencia Gorila while I was there and was kind enough to draw this amazing illustration for the homepage of Sound Escapes’ website.


Blessed with the most charming smile, Anna Fishkin traded a graphic design career in Chicago for a life of nomadism and heart along the Caribbean. A fascinating artist and being, she was happy to feature some of her amazing photos in my article about Tulum.